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Star Wars - Galaxy Guide 4: Alien Races

Revised and Expanded for Star Wars: The Role Playing Game, Second Edition.

Aliens! These oftimes strange and unique beings fill the Star Wars saga with variety and excitement.

Fighting alongside aliens with the Rebel Alliance? Engaged with them in something the Empire considers a less-than-legal activity? Need to know more about these aliens?

Alien Races provides the information you'll need on homeworlds, cultures, lifestyles and the behavior of over 30 alien species. Whether recognizable as bipeds, or insectoids with compound eyes, they make up a huge portion of the Galactic Empire.

Ficha técnica:

Título: Star Wars - Galaxy Guide 4: Alien Races

Autor: Troy Denning, revised for second edition by Chuck Truett

Formato: 20,5 x 27,5 cm, 96páginas.

ISBN: 0-87431-208-6

EdiçãoStar Wars RPG
Data Lançamento01/03/1994
Peso (g)300.00

Medidas(cm): 21.00 x 29.00 x 3.00
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