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The Absolute Sandman - Volume Three

ABSOLUTE SANDMAN VOL. 3 presents several key SANDMAN tales in a slipcased hardcover edition, including "Brief Lives," in which the Sandman's sister Delirium prevails upon her older brother to help her find their missing sibling, Destruction. But their journey through the Waking World has dramatic repercussions for their family and also for the relationship between the Sandman and his wayward son, Orpheus. Also included is the spectacular short story "Ramadan," a tale of a young king of ancient Baghdad and the deal he strikes with The Sandman to grant his city immortality.


Autor: Neil Gaiman

VERTIGO, 616 páginas.

ISBN: 978-1401210847


EdiçãoThe Absolute Sandman
Data Lançamento16/06/2008
Peso (g)3000.00

Medidas(cm): 33.00 x 22.00 x 6.00
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