Star Wars - Alliance Intelligence Reports (RPG) - Usado - em Inglês

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Heroes are only as good at the villains they fight. This collection of villains details some of the Alliance's most dangerous foes, providing a perfect selection of enemies for any Rebel team. Each entry has background information and game statistics, including numerous new droids, vehicles and aliens for use in any Star Wars roleplaying adventure.
Ficha técnica:
Título: Star Wars - Alliance Intelligence Reports. A Star Wars Supplement for Use With Star Wars: The Role Playing Game
Autor: C. Robert Carey, J.P Pietrzak and Trevor J. Wilson.
Formato: 20,5 x 27,5 cm, 96páginas.
Editora: ‎ West End Games (1 janeiro 1995)
Idioma‏: ‎ Inglês
Capa comum: ‎ 96 páginas